Best Martial Arts for Kids: Parent Guide

Karate for KidsMartial arts can instill loyalty, respect, honor, and confidence in your kids. Martial arts can be a healthy and positive activity for your kids. There are lots of martial art options so it would not be easy to pick the best one for your kids. However, the benefits of each martial art are different.

It does not matter which martial art you choose for your children or they choose for themselves, they will reap the physical benefits of studying that discipline. In this article, you will find out the best martial arts for kids. 

  • Taekwondo for Kids
  • When it comes to select the best martial arts for kids, taekwondo is always the top choice of parents.


    This is not only popular martial art for kids but during studying your kids will also receive some great benefits as well. Taekwondo will help your children to improve flexibility, muscle strength, and balance. There are different forms of taekwondo so your kids will be able to know how to control their bodies. Some well-known kickboxers have started taekwondo training at the age of 8 years. It can be the best choice for your kids to learn self-defense and burn energy. 

    In Taekwondo attacking options are 

    • Punches
    • Kicks
    • Throws

    These attacks make it a well-rounded option. This game is very popular so your kids may find lots of opportunities for competition. If your child likes to take challenges and he is competitive then the taekwondo should be at the top of your list. 

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Kids
  • It is often called “Gentle Art” and another good martial art for your kids. It is a ground-based fighting technique and will teach your kid how to compete using submissions and grappling. Students have been trained about how to tap out their partners so this technique can help your kids to develop problem-solving skills and patience.

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Kids

    There are five reasons, why Jiu-Jitsu is the best martial art for your kids. 

    • Natural Art
    • The Great Equalizer
    • Physical Fitness
    • Bully Prevention
    • Confidence

    These are the five main reasons that your kids must learn Jiu-Jitsu martial art. A good thing about Jiu-Jitsu is the size of a person does not matter a lot so even if you are a kid but you are well-trained you can easily beat bigger and heavier opponents. It is an excellent art for kids because it can be helpful for self-defense. It will provide your kids with full-body strength. It will help your kids to stay fit. 

    The biggest advantage of this martial art is your kids can avoid bullying problems in school or outside. The best thing your kids will gain is confidence. When they are well trained they will have enough confidence to beat anyone in tough situations. 

    • Wrestling for Kids

    It is one of the oldest martial arts in the world. Wrestling involves various 

    • Locks
    • Takedowns
    • Pins

    Training of wrestling is one of the toughest things. It is the best martial art for kids because your kids will develop unmatched mental and physical conditioning. So it can be the best martial art training for your kids. 

    Wrestling for Kids

  • Karate
  • The most used martial art technique in the world is karate. In this technique, no weapons are required and the focus will be on the full-body workout. It is a Japanese discipline and equally popular among all the ages. Translation of the word karate is “Empty Hands”. In most of the schools, they arrange proper classes and training sessions of karate. It is the best choice for those kids who are interested in learning striking techniques so that they can use their hands and feet. During training, kids will break forms and boards. 

    Karate for Kids

    It is recommended to start karate training at the age of 8 to 10 years however some training schools think that this training can be started at the age of 4 years as well. Karate focuses on teaching kids to respect others. So it is the top priority for the parents. 

  • Kung Fu for Kids
  • It is also one of the oldest martial arts style, but it is very popular today. Kung Fu is often rigorous and fast-paced. It can be more fluent than other styles. It is an ideal discipline for those kids who are hyperactive. This martial art will help them to be physically active and at the same time, it will develop a sense of calm and patience in them. 

    Kung Fu for Kids

    If your kids have slow reflexes then never choose this martial art for your kids. If your child struggles with kicks then don’t worry this style focuses on the upper body. If you want your kid to develop concentration and focus, then this martial art is an ideal one for your kid. 

  • Judo for kids
  • Judo is also part of the Olympic Games. The basic purpose of judo is to defend and use the tactics of an opponent against him. If your kid is interested in learning defense and throws then this martial art should be your top priority. If your kid wants to learn a martial art that involves striking then avoid this technique. Judo focuses on throws so it can help your kids to develop physical fitness, stamina, and balance. It will teach your kids to be competitive and how to bring the opponent to the ground. Training of judo can start at any age, but if your kid is under 8, he or she will not be allowed to compete in any competition.

    Judo for Kids



    If you want your kids to develop discipline, build strength, impart patience, and physically fit then get your kids enrolled in martial arts class. Age does not matter. Martial art will help to improve the physical health of kids and adults. Martial arts will teach your kids self-defense skills. These skills will help in the development of your kid’s character. One thing they will surely achieve by martial arts is self-confidence. The above given are the best martial arts for kids. 

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