Heights and Weights of Fencers Explored

I spent extensive time creating a list of fencers along with their last known weight and height to come up with the following height and weight of fencers.

Photo of commanding Konstantin Lokhanov getting first (Source LA Jolla Fencing Academy)

Height of Male Fencers

The tallest male fencer on the list is Konstantin Lokhanov from Russia, standing at an impressive 199 cm (6'7") tall. Their height gives them a significant reach advantage, allowing them to effectively control the distance and execute long-range attacks with precision.

On the other end, the shortest male fencer is Edoardo Luperi from Italy, standing 170 cm (5'7") tall. Despite his relatively shorter stature, Edoardo  Luperi's agility and quick reflexes make him a formidable opponent, especially in close-quarters exchanges where his speed can be an advantage.

The average height of male fencers is around 184cm based on the table.

Weight of Male Fencers

When it comes to weight, the lightest male fencer is Daniele Garozzo from Italy and Benjamin Kleibrink from Germany, weighing 65 kg (143 lbs). Their lightweight allows her to move swiftly on the piste, making her a nimble and evasive fencer.

Conversely, the heaviest male fencer is Konstantin Lokhanov from Germany, weighing 90 kg (199 lbs). Hartung's robust build and strength give him power in his attacks and defense, making him a force to be reckoned with in bouts. On average, male fencers on the list stand at around 184 cm (6'0") tall and weigh approximately 77 kg (170 lbs), showcasing a diverse range of body types and skills within the sport.

The average height of male fencers is around 77.65kg based on the table.

Photo of the towering Batini with her teammates (Source: Eurofencing)

Height of Female Fencers

Among the female fencers listed, the towering presence of Martina Batini from Italy stands out at an impressive 186 cm (6'2"). Her height grants her a distinctive advantage (even taller than most male fencer counterparts), enabling her to dominate the fencing strip with a commanding reach and strategic prowess, often executing precise long-range attacks that keep opponents at bay.

Conversely, Yuka Ueno from Japan, standing at 159 cm (5'2"), embodies a dynamic agility and rapid responsiveness that deftly maneuvers her through close-quarters engagements. Branza's shorter stature proves deceptive, as she leverages her speed and nimbleness to outmaneuver opponents, showcasing the diversity of styles and strategies in fencing.

The average height of female fencers is around 172cm (around 12 cm below male fencers) based on the table.

Weight of Female Fencers

Turning to weight distinctions, Lee Kiefer from the USA emerges as the featherweight contender, tipping the scales at a nimble 49 kg (108 lbs). Kiefer's lightweight frame complements her lightning-fast movements, allowing her to dart across the piste with fluidity and precision, often catching opponents off guard with her quick reflexes.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Martina Batini from Italy embodies strength and resilience, weighing in at 80 kg (176 lbs). Batini's muscular build lends power and force to her attacks, making her a formidable force in bouts where her strength and endurance are on full display. These contrasts in height and weight highlight the multifaceted nature of fencing, where diverse physical attributes contribute to a rich tapestry of skills and strategies among female fencers, each bringing a unique perspective to the sport.

The average weight of female fencers is around 62kg (around 15 kg lighter than male fencers) based on the table.

Below is a long table of famous fencers with their weight and height, including some additional details of their country of origin and gender.

Fencer Name Height (cm) Weight (kg) Country Gender
Konstantin Lokhanov 199 90 Russia Male
Jörg Fiedler 193 87 Germany Male
Miles Chamley-Watson 193 88 USA Male
Andrea Cassarà 193 90 Italy Male
Sheng Lei 192 75 China Male
Péter Szényi 192 89 Hungary Male
Enrico Garozzo 190 70 Italy Male
Timur Safin 190 80 Russia Male
Richard Kruse 190 85 Great Britain Male
Max Hartung 190 88 Germany Male
Jérémy Cadot 189 78 France Male
Enzo Lefort 188 72 France Male
Bohdan Nikishin 188 85 Ukraine Male
Alexey Cheremisinov 188 85 Russia Male
Park Kyoung-doo 188 85 South Korea Male
Peter Joppich 188 85 Germany Male
Hugues Obry 187 78 France Male
Martina Batini 186 80 Italy Female
Park Sang-young 186 70 South Korea Male
Dong Dong 186 75 China Male
Jung Ha-sung 186 77 South Korea Male
Luka 186 77 Croatia Male
Chen Haiwei 186 78 China Male
Aaron Szilagyi 186 80 USA Male
Aron Szilagyi 186 80 Hungary Male
Artur Akhmatkhuzin 186 85 Russia Male
Yulen Pereira 185 75 Spain Male
Andre Sanita 185 75 USA Male
Eli Dershwitz 185 79 USA Male
Aldo Montano 185 80 Italy Male
Jung Jin-sun 185 81 South Korea Male
Lee Jong-hyun 185 85 South Korea Male
Nikita Glazkov 184 75 Russia Male
Zhu Jun 184 75 China Male
Maxime 184 75 France Male
Yakimenko Alexey 184 79 Russia Male
Tristan 184 79 France Male
Choi Byeong-chul 184 80 South Korea Male
Kim 183 72 South Korea Male
Géza Imre 183 76 Hungary Male
Kenta Tokunan 183 77 Japan Male
Valerio Aspromonte 183 78 Italy Male
Lee Sueng-jong 183 80 South Korea Male
Larisa Korobeynikova 182 66 Russia Female
Kim Jun-ho 182 72 South Korea Male
Matej 182 75 Slovakia Male
Timur Safin 182 82 Russia Male
Luigi 181 70 Italy Male
Anna Marton 180 70 Hungary Female
Imboden Gerek 180 70 USA Male
Daryl Homer 180 70 USA Male
Yuki Ota 180 70 Japan Male
Kiefer Gerek 180 70 USA Male
Race Imboden 180 73 USA Male
Csanád 180 74 Hungary Male
Emanuele Lambertini 180 75 Italy Male
Oh Sang-uk 180 76 South Korea Male
Foconi Alessio 180 77 Italy Male
Paolo Pizzo 180 85 Italy Male
Elisa Di Francisca 178 65 Italy Female
Daniele Garozzo 178 65 Italy Male
Alice Volpi 177 64 Italy Female
Francesca 176 67 Italy Female
Sofya Velikaya 175 73 Russia Female
Yana Egorian 175 64 Russia Female
Ana Maria Branza 175 63 Romania Female
Ysaora Thibus 175 56 France Female
Astrid Guyart 175 51 France Female
Inna Deriglazova 174 62 Russia Female
Benjamin Kleibrink 174 65 Germany Male
Mariel Zagunis 173 76 USA Female
Maria Navarria 173 64 Italy Female
Tatiana Logunova 173 62 Russia Female
Bianca 173 59 Italy Female
Maxence 173 70 France Male
Olga Kharlan 172 63 Ukraine Female
Anna Limbach 172 60 Germany Female
Tan Xue 172 59 China Female
Sara Balzer 171 63 Germany Female
Hana Arisawa 171 62 Japan Female
Yulia Biryukova 171 58 Russia Female
Laetitia Blot 171 58 France Female
Ibtihaj Muhammad 170 68 USA Female
Ambra Millo 170 61 Italy Female
Kim Ji-yeon 170 57 South Korea Female
Laura Flessel-Colovic 170 55 France Female
Edoardo Luperi 170 67 Italy Male
Jeon Hee-sook 169 60 South Korea Female
Shin A-lam 167 57 South Korea Female
Lee Ra-jin 166 68 South Korea Female
Edina Knapek 165 53 Hungary Female
Valentina Vezzali 164 53 Italy Female
Lee Kiefer 163 49 USA Female
Yuka Ueno 159 52 Japan Female

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