How Bruce Lee and His Son Died?

When Bruce Lee wakes up on the morning of July 20, 1973, he was a healthy and active 32 years old guy. He had a good time with the producers discussing his next film. In the afternoon, he went to his friend’s house for a visit.

How Bruce Lee and His Son Died?

On the same day, the greatest martial artist was found dead on the mattress that was lying on the floor. Death of Bruce Lee leaves the world to wonder how Bruce Lee died. 

The Day of Bruce Lee’s Death

Bruce Lee was facing a problem for two months. On May 10, 1973, when he was in a dialogue session with the producers about his new movie "Enter the Dragon", he quickly moves to the hospital and claims about seizures and severe headaches. Doctors recognized this problem as the symptoms of cerebral edema. In such a condition, excess fluid present in the brain causes swelling and pain. But doctors treat him immediately with mannitol. After a short stay at the hospital, he felt better and was discharged from the hospital. 

After release from the hospital, he resumed his usual fitness regime and started eating his regular diet. He loves to eat a combination of rice, vegetables, milk, and food. He didn’t like refined flour, refined sugars, and baked foods. Until July 20, he told his friends that he was recovering and feeling well. He felt some occasional headache and told his friends not to worry about it. 

On the day of his death, he was very much busy and spent a day with his producer in Hong Kong, where most of his movies were made. Bruce Lee was a man full of energy and enthusiasm. He loved to perform acting scenes with full energy despite the scorching summer heat. 

There is confusion some would say after meeting with the producer he went to his mistress, and some say that he went to the apartment of a friend. In that apartment, they were alone for several hours, and then they have planned a dinner to finalize the movie deal. Around 7:30 pm when they were probably to depart, Lee complained about the headache. Ting Pei gave him a pain killer that contains meprobamate and aspirin. After taking medicine, he lies down for some time. 

After a few hours, when Lee didn’t come for dinner, Ting Pei went to check him, and he found him unresponsive. She called producer Chow back home, and both of them attempted to wake him but didn’t get any success. They called a doctor, and he spent more than ten minutes but was unable to revive Bruce Lee from consciousness, and they sent him to a nearby hospital in an ambulance. But by the time when the ambulance reached the hospital, unfortunately, Bruce Lee was dead. 

Because no external signs of injury were found, so the autopsy was performed, and it shows that Bruce Lee died because of severe brain swelling. Due to the build-up of fluid in the brain, the size of the brain was increased by up to 13%. According to Chow, the death of Bruce Lee was because of that pain killer given by Ting Pei, and the autopsy report also seconded the claim of Chow. Doctors officially declared the death of Bruce Lee because of taking Equagesic. Although death was a mere accident and Equagesic is not generally considered dangerous to take. Lots of other Hollywood stars also died due to drug complications at an early age. 

Conspiracy Theories about the Death of Bruce Lee

A friend of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, claimed that Bruce lee died because of the interaction of the muscle relaxants that he was taking. These words sparked a new debate about what else other medications Lee was taking?  Lee might be taking herbal stimulants and supplements to keep his body in shape and healthy. Another rumor also circulated about his death was due to a prostitute that got violent. 

Another rumor was Lee was facing the effects of a potent aphrodisiac. It has caused him to lose control. Lee was taking for self-defense, and that prostitute proven to be a killer for him. Some fans of Lee claim that Betty Ting Pei gave him the fatal dose of Equagesic, and she poisoned him on purpose. They claimed that she was working for a secret society and that society wants Bruce Lee dead. No answers were found about why the secret society wants the death of Bruce Lee. Among other reasons, the theory that sways the most was the story of Lee’s family curse. 

How did Bruce Lee’s son die?

After the death of a famous martial artist, almost 20 years later, a legend came to light. Bruce Lee’s son followed the footsteps of his father as a martial artist and an actor. In 1992, Brandon Lee was an emerging star and ready to make his mark. He was playing Eric Draven in The Crow, and a dead musician came to take revenge for his fiancée’s murder. 

He was ready to make his career with the help of this tortured story. During the shooting of a film, he was shot in a freak accident. He was shot with a pop gun that wasn’t supposed to be loaded fired. Bullet went round into his abdomen. Like his father, stories of conspiracy swirled, and some people consider this untimely death of second Lee as their family’s curse. 

Someone came with the information that the elder brother of Bruce Lee died under mysterious circumstances before the birth of Bruce Lee. This rumor shortly became the full-fledged mystery. So the simplest explanation came about how Bruce Lee died, and it turns out to be the dramatic and ebullient end. 


How Bruce Lee and his son died is still debatable. No perfect answer was found, and lots of conspiracy theories evolved about his death. His young son also shot dead as a result of an accident during film shooting. Most of the people and fans claim it to be the curse of Lee’s family. 

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