How Do You Always Win A Street Fight?

Firstly, do not resolve any issue with someone on the street by using physical means. 

However, if you tried everything and it doesn’t work; be safe and learn all the tactics to stay at the top of a street fight.

To win a street fight, focus on surviving. You win a street fight by not losing using these 3 methods.

  1. Defending Yourself
  2. Use Strategy
  3. Avoid the Fight if You Can

In this article, we will discuss these 3 methods to survive a street fight.

How to Protect Yourself in a Street Fight?

It’s not about winning a fight all the time. Sometimes you will have to defend yourself and stay safe. So follow this guide and stay safe. 

Method 1: Defending Yourself

In this method, you will have to perform a few steps. 

  • Stay safe all the times
  • You never know where a fight can break out, so you need to keep the following things in mind to ensure your safety. 

    • Avoid fighting in the middle of the street, concrete, hard sidewalks, or places where sharp edges or concrete steps exist. 
    • If your opponent gets a knife or pipe, you need to run away from them.
    • If someone tries to rob you at gunpoint, don’t put your life at risk and give them whatever they want. 
    • Sometimes self-defense means submitting to force to stay alive. 

    So, it isn’t necessary to fight all the time. 

  • Damage the soft parts of your opponent
  • You can attack the sensitive areas of your opponent like face, throat, kidneys, solar plexus, and temples that can disable your opponent. Moreover, you can also use biting, clawing, scratching, and attacking eyes. Everything is legal in a street fight because you are defending yourself from a violent aggressor. You can do everything to ensure your safety. Moreover, hitting the nose can blur the eyes and put him in pain. You can run away. 

  • Attack their legs
  • You can use low kicks towards ankles, inside or back of calves, shins, and kneecaps. Don’t go higher than waist height because they will grab your leg. If you have a solid object like a pipe or bat, you can use them to attack their legs. If the opponent is unable to run behind you, you can move away safely without fighting. Your purpose is to defend yourself so you can run away. 

  • Attack opponent from behind
  • Attacks from behind are the best approach in street fights. Opponents can’t see the attack and react. Be aware of your back and attack the back of your opponent. You can circle your opponent by using lateral movements. Getting control of his arms or attacking legs from behind can help to take control of your opponent so that someone can arrive for your help. 

  • Head butt your opponent fast and hard
  • Bring the top of your head to their nose and face. A head butt can easily break the bones in a face. Strike with the top of your head and target their mouth, eyes, and nose.  

  • Learn to grapple 
  • You can take control of your opponent even he is stronger and faster than you if you know the grappling technique. If you want to end the fight early, learn how to choke, slam, or submit your opponent. When the fight goes to the ground, it is essential to get positional control. 

    Method 2: Use Strategy

    This method also has some steps. 

  • Be aware of the environment 
  • Yes, it is essential to know the location of objects that you can use to defend yourself. It is equally important to know the location where you can run. Stay focused on what you have to do and use all your senses. Don’t look here and there aimlessly. 

  • Stand at a safe distance
  • Stand at a safe distance from your opponent unless you are ready for fight. Stay away from the reach of the attacker. Try to stay on the side of the opponent. Use your arms to protect your face. 

  • Use a weapon
  • It is perfectly legal to use a weapon to ensure your safety. Living should be your priority and use a weapon so that opponent leave you and run away. 

  • Close the distance when you are ready to attack
  • Sometimes opponents are not ready for your attack. When you stay close to your opponents, it won’t allow them to extend arms. It will reduce their power of punches. Try to bring your opponent to the ground and get control over their body. 

  • Stay as relaxed as you can
  • When you are more relaxed and breathe deeply, you can strike with more power. Regulate your breathing. Short shallow breaths will tire you quickly, and your opponent can take advantage of the situation. 

  • Establish your balance
  • You need to be at your feet during the fight. Otherwise, it can be dangerous for an untrained fighter if the fight goes to the ground. So, it is essential to establish balance and be on your feet. 

    Method 3: Avoid the Fight if You Can

    The best thing to do is to avoid the fight. So, follow the below-given steps and stay safe. 

    • Walk away from the fight.
    • Know when, how, and where to run.
    • Be as loud as possible as you can.
    • Escape from the location as soon as your opponent is disabled. 
    • I apologize for your actions. 
    • Understand the seriousness of fighting. 


    You can win a street fight by learning martial arts for self-defense. However, if you don’t have expertise in martial arts, follow above-given methods to protect yourself. Understand the seriousness of fighting and stay away from it. Don’t put your life at risk. Try to communicate the issue with words and don’t take the situation towards the fight. Avoid the fight and stay safe. In this way, you can always win a street fight. 

    Use martial arts for your mental and physical strength and not to fight and overcome others.

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