How To Take Hits In A Fight

Training to take hits in the right body parts make fighting less painful.

How to take hits in a fight? The basic rules to take hits are to keep your eyes on your opponent, adjust your body when getting hit, stiffen up the area being hit. Training your body beforehand also makes taking blows less painful

How do you train to take hits?

There are 2 training to take hits better:

  • Workout in a gym to build up your core muscles to take hits
  • Practice with a stronger sparring opponent is the best way to learn techniques to avoid taking strong hits 

Working out in a gym on your core muscle will aid in increasing your punch resistance:

  • Training for abs with planking and sit-ups will gradually build up the muscle in the region.
  • Training for neck with neck flexion and even simple neck rotation
  • Doing weights will train your hands and legs to take hits during blocking
  • Unfortunately, there is no real training that will build up muscle for your head. That is why headgears are used in professional fights to prevent death from head injuries.

Regardless of the style or technique, it is difficult to train fighting techniques alone. A stronger partner hits you often and prepares you on your weakness to defend hits better. Taking hits in your arms and legs is the best, compared to your body because of the internal organs, and the worst is your head where your brain lies.

Nevertheless, you cannot choose where hits land usually.

How to take a punch in the head

The simple idea about taking hits in the head is to let your hands block the side hooks while you move your head to avoid the straight one in your face. A jab to the face will not do as much damage as a left hook to the chin. 

It is important to keep your eyes on your opponent's move. It will be difficult if you face multiple opponents. Punches hurt more when unexpected. because your instincts could not prepare your body for the punch. The saying:

The punches you don't see hurt the most.

The main difficulty is keeping your hands up in a difficult fight and avoid straight jabs. That is why most fighting involved prolonged fighting and workout to prep your survival instincts. 

Do anything you can to minimize the impact of a straight punch to the jaw hurting your jawbone, teeth and chin.

The head is the most vulnerable body part and must be protected at all costs. Even boxers wear headgear and always practicing reflexes to move away from hits. There were some boxing punch ball gimmicks in Amazon to self-train on reflexes.

How to take hits in your neck

The neck is a vulnerable spot in fights because the headgear only covers the head. There are many special exercises that boxers use to strengthen their neck muscles.

Kickboxers and many other fighting arts use flexion and neck rotation. They allow you to build stronger neck muscles to keep your head from being whiplashed too hard when you take a punch. 

Even out of fighting, a 2010 study suggested that people who did neck exercises decreased headache and neck pain. Stretching was most effective when combined with muscle endurance and strength training. 

How to take a punch without crying

A body blow to the gut (solar plexus) can damage organs and cause internal damage. This sort of punch is one of the best and easiest ways to knock someone out. You need to stiffen up your muscle when the hit comes. Breathing out will prevent being wind out too. Easier said than done.

Training your obliques help: this is the set of muscles on your side that wraps around your ribs. While a blow to this area may crack a rub, it is less likely to do damage to internal organs. You can practice your bracing by having someone pound your stomach with a medicine ball.

How to take a punch to the arm

Training your arm muscles with diamond push-ups bulk your arm muscles to increase punch resistance.

We even have an article about diamond push-up explaining why diamond push-ups are so difficult for many. Read about it here.

Besides that using your elbow against the blow will counteract against a side jab. Just be careful not be exposed taken by a hook that will twist your entire body and weaken your stances completely. 

How to know if you can take a punch

The easiest way is to find a sparring partner and go for it. You will be fine with protective gear and can stop it anytime. You can even go to a gym for trials and ask the trainer for advice.

What do you do when you can't fight for shit and someone wants to fight you?

Even martial artists are taught to run away, especially if someone else has an edge like weapons. Fighting is pointless beyond building up your body strength and inner calm.


Don't go into a fight, prepare for an unexpected fight, and don't get too hurt.

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