Is MMA Good For Self-Defense

A strong deterrent is the first form of self-defense.

If you look frail and weak, you are prone to be targeted by bad people.

How can MMA help in self-defense? MMA tones your body to look stronger and deters those targeting the weak and frail. MMA also help in self-defense by teaching you techniques and your mental strength.

MMA fighters perform in different situations, and in self-defense situations, there are opponents with weapons, so some people feel that MMA isn’t good for self-defense. 

Best MMA Styles for Self-Defense

It doesn’t matter which style you prefer, but it is better to learn style with a combination of grappling, submission, and stand up techniques. So, you can learn BJJ and wrestling. For striking, you can choose boxing and Muay Thai. Judo can help you to bring your opponent to the ground and finish the job. 

These might not be practical in street fighting.

Nevertheless, MMA has some excellent techniques that can be used in real-life situations as well. You never know what will happen in a street fight, so Boxing and Muay Thai are ideal for stand up techniques, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is an excellent choice for submission and grappling techniques.  

What is the difference between street fighting and MMA?

You need to know that in a regular MMA class, you will only learn legit skills and techniques. In the MMA fight, there are some rules and regulations that you need to follow. While street fighting is entirely different, and it has no rules and referees. In a street fight scenario, eye-gouging and hair-pulling are expected. So keep those things in mind when you train yourself for self-defense. 

In the MMA fight, fighters have to follow the weight limit, but it is not the case in street fighting or real-life situations. You may have to fight with someone much bigger and heavier than you. It can be dangerous to fight with someone bigger than you. You must have hands-on experience and skills to deal with such situations. 

What MMA Includes?

People want to know what they will learn in MMA or what MMA can teach us. MMA will teach you so many things, and self-defense is one of the most important components of MMA’s teaching. Many street fights involve hand-to-hand unarmed fighting situations; however, it won’t always happen. Sometimes your opponent will have weapons in hand. It is where MMA struggles and you never know how to react in such a situation. You can learn the first-hand experience of real-life fighting scenarios in MMA. Moreover, MMA will teach you:

Different forms of fighting techniques

It can be a great feeling when you have the skills and tools to defend yourself against another human being. Check yourself now, whether you can protect yourself in a real-life situation or not? After learning martial arts, you can face any situation with bravery. After learning different fighting techniques, you can beat much heavier and quick opponents than you. 

How to remain calm in stressful situations?

It is the most important thing that MMA will teach you. It is important to calm your nerves in real-life situations and backup yourself that you know everything to face this challenge. Without MMA, you wouldn’t have the self-belief to handle such situations. Remember, MMA can teach you to deal with each situation, but it can give you a considerable advantage over an unarmed opponent. 


Did you ever listen, “practice makes a man perfect” MMA is a perfect example? In MMA class, an individual will execute a series of steps and moves almost hundreds of times. This repetition improves your stamina. However, you can learn a specific skill by endless repetition. Never give up learning, and doing this will help you to remain disciplined and focused in life. You will feel proud when you learn a new technique or skill after practicing it 1000 times. 

Why Should You Learn MMA?

There are plenty of good reasons for training MMA or any other martial art, such as confidence, self-defense, weight loss, and fitness. So, if you are thinking it useless, then you are wrong. It’s not necessary to learn a martial art to become a professional fighter; you can even learn for self-defense and fitness. MMA can help you to:

Grow as a person

Martial art is the most demanding and much-needed activity. Most MMA training will take you out of your comfort zone and help you deal with criticism and failures. They also help you to develop self-evaluation skills. Remember, MMA training isn’t always comfortable, and you will have to do the tasks that you usually avoid. MMA teaches you to deal with problems, and as a result, grow you as a person. We can say that it will not only build your physical ability, but it will improve mental ability as well.

Get in shape and lose weight

As mentioned earlier, you can learn MMA for different purposes. MMA class will involve warm-up sessions, guide from instructors, and practicing moves. If you are learning at an advanced level, the class will include sparring and other physical activities.

Technical drills and the warm-up session take most of the time, and stretches and cardio are usually at the end of class. MMA course is different for every martial arts class, and it depends on which art you want to learn.

There can’t be anything better than this workout. It can help your body get back in shape and lose weight. Just 20 minutes of the Muay Thai class will make you feel that you are dying because MMA is an intense workout. 

How to be confident in yourself?

As mentioned in the start, it improves confidence, and it encourages you to protect yourself and your loved ones in real-life situations. When you have confidence, you can beat any opponent with ease. 


Is MMA good for self-defense? Yes, MMA is good for self-defense when you know the mixture of skills and techniques. MMA can help you develop strength and confidence that you can beat any unarmed opponent. MMA doesn’t provide you with techniques to deal with an armed opponent. So, learn MMA and defend yourself in street fights and real-life situations. 

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