Martial Arts Vs Street Fighting

When it comes to winning a fight contestants understand that they should be familiar with boxing, wrestling, and other combat skills. This combination of skills is called mixed martial arts.

Martial Arts Vs Street Fighting

Without any doubt, competitors who have learned mixed martial arts are the most dangerous players and athletes on the planet. The question is whether or not they have the fear of a street fighter in a street fight? 

  • In a street fight, there are no real rules, but that’s not the case with martial arts. 
  • In martial arts, a fighter is not allowed to bite, pull hair, hit the groin or hit on the head of a grounded opponent. On the other hand, you can do everything in a street fight. 
  • Martial arts are more structured and formal, while the street fighting is more realistic. 
  • In martial arts, you fight under controlled conditions, but it’s not the case with street fighting. 
  • If a person receives training in a martial art from a well-known academy or instructor he will be taught about self-defense situations as well. 
  • Street fighting teaches you how to block punches and react immediately.
  • Street fighting is a necessity while martial art is the luxury. 
  • Dealing or treating violence street fighting is the best option instead of martial arts. 
  • Martial art is a set of principles, techniques, and forms while in street fighting two persons can start fighting anytime. 
  • Street fighting seems much more stupid as this will hit your opponent hard without knowing the outcome. 
  • Martial art is controlled so you don’t have fear to be got injured and in street fighting, you will beat people and as a result, there is a strong possibility that you might get injured yourself. 
  • Martial art is all about sharing your knowledge and inspiring people. You can knock out people in a street fight, but what will you learn from this fight? There will be nothing to get from a street fight. 

Do martial arts work in a street fight?

The most asked question about martial arts is whether they work in real-life situations or not? The answer to this question is simple but depends on lots of factors. Some martial art styles are most suited for a street fight than the other styles. Some clubs of martial arts are usually competition or sports-oriented. In street fighting, you will learn skills that are most focused on real-life applications. Learning martial arts involves many more things than just to block, kick, and punch. Martial artists are reluctant to use their skills in a street fight situation until they are fully trained. 

5 techniques that are used in street fighting and martial arts

No one wants to learn karate anymore. Everyone wants to be the MMA champion. Never forget that karate and other traditional techniques are the basis of MMA. Five karate techniques can help you in street fighting and martial arts. 

  • Combo
  • This combo is exclusively used for karate and it is different from the combo used in Muay Thai. This combo contains two techniques that are found in almost every martial art. These two techniques are Jab and roundhouse. The execution of these two is different in karate than the other martial arts. If the jab is thrown at the opponent’s chin with accuracy then you can easily knock out the opponent. So this combo technique can be used effectively in martial arts and street fighting. 

  • Kuzushi Waza
  • It is another karate technique and not very much known in martial arts. In this technique, you will be dashing across while you are trying to reach your opponent’s jaw. You will grab the neck of your opponent and then put your leg behind your opponent and you can easily trap him between your legs and arms. Now you can easily drive through your opponent as he will lose the balance and you can bring him to the ground with no more effort. This simple karate technique can be used for street fighting and martial arts. 

  • Mae Tobi Geri
  • If you know about the movie “The Karate Kid” then definitely you will know about this technique. This technique is used exclusively in karate and it is also used in Taekwondo with the name of "Twio Ap Chagi". This technique is also useful in martial arts and street fighting. 

    Mae Tobi Geri

  • Ashi Barai
  • It is a foot sweep and it is different from the other sweeps that are used in Muay Thai or other martial arts. In this technique, you will use the momentum of the opponent instead of using your force against him. With a foot sweep, you will catch the opponent’s leg and throwing a roundhouse you will take him to the ground. This technique can be easily practiced in both situations. 

    Ashi Barai

  • Gyaku Zuki
  • If you have ever experienced watching karate competitions you might have noted that the fight will be stopped when one of the competitors earns a point. Boxing is an art in which various punches are used. In this karate technique, there are lots of hidden punches used. Using this technique you can easily knock out your opponent either in street fighting or martial arts. 

    Gyaku Zuki


    Street fighting and martial arts both are different things. In street fighting, there is a possibility that you might get killed. There are lots of self-taught fighters in society who can’t afford formal training. Martial art is all about codes and values while in the street fight you can do anything and everything to beat your opponent.

    In martial arts, you will not get injured as there are some rules, but in street fighting, you can suffer from serious injuries. In martial arts, you would not be using any weapon, but in the street fighting a person can even use a knife to his advantage. Both of these fighting styles are different. 

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