Mounting Heavy Bag to Ceiling

If you are interested in boxing and want to train at home, you should buy a heavy bag.

Purchasing a heavy bag would be a worthy investment for training punches.

You need a proper place for hanging these heavy bags.

In this article, we will discuss how to hang a heavy bag to the ceiling.

How to Mount Heavy Bag to Ceiling?

You can hang a heavy bag to the ceiling in three ways. 

  1. Hang Heavy Bag with EyeBolt. Eyebolt is the easiest but it is not advised for tough heavyweight boxers as the bag might fall off.
  2. Hang Heavy Bag with Ceiling Mount. The ceiling mount secures the heavy bag but required more work. 
  3. Hang Heavy Bag with Wall Mount. Wall Mount is not recommended as it limits your boxing moves near the walls.

First of all, identify the boxing area in your home. It would be best if you can move 360 degrees around the bag. The space you need will determine where to put a bag. 

It allows you to work on movements, footwork, and many other things. A bag should be in the middle of the room. Otherwise, it may rebound off the wall and cause injury. Most experts suggest mounting a heavy bag to the ceiling in a garage or basement. 

Method 1: Hang Heavy Bag to EyeBolt

You will have to perform a few steps, such as:

  • Find the support beam or ceiling
  • For mounting a heavy bag to a beam, you need to find a strong support beam.

    These beams run along with the ceiling with the spaces between them. Usually, the space between the beams is 16-inch, and it can be 24-inch as well. For better mobility, most people prefer to hang their bags from the ceiling.

    If you are planning to do this, make sure you have a strong beam for hanging a heavy bag. The beam must be able to bear the weight of the bag and also the impacts of swing. Remember, hanging a heavy bag on the ceiling can result in serious damage if it’s not done correctly. 

  • Drill a hole into the support beam or ceiling
  • After drilling a hole, place an eyebolt in the hole. Twist the eyebolt with your hand and then take a wrench and tighten it. Some people use hooks for heavy bags, it might not work, and the bag can fall off from hook. 

  • Hang the bag
  • The heavy bag has spots to attach chains. Chains and S-hook are included in a heavy bag. Attach the heavy bag with the eyebolt. 

  • Check the security of the heavy bag
  • It is essential to check the bag’s security by hitting it multiple times. If the attachment seems fragile or weak, re-hang the bag. 

    Now, you have done with the first method of mounting the heavy bag to the ceiling. 

    Method 2: Hang a Heavy Bag with Mount 

    Again, you will have to perform some steps. Such as:

  • Get a Stable Mount
  • Mounts can be inexpensive and pricey at the same time. It depends on your budget and choice. Almost all the mounts contain required nut and bolts to install them. You can purchase mounts from a sporting goods store or online store. 

  • Find 3 or 4 support beams
  • Ensure that ceiling joists are in an area that allows movement. You will mount a bag on a middle joist.

    Usually, the joists are 16-inches apart, and in some houses, joists are 24-inches apart. If you don’t have a stud finder, you can use a measuring tape.

    You can use a knock test for checking, and there is a hollow sound, indicating that there is no joist. If the sound is not hollow, it means you are knocking against a joist. For more support, center the mount to a crossbeam. 

  • Drill holes into ceiling joists
  • Ensure that you are using a level to ensure the holes you are drilling are across the joists. Drill the holes in the center of joists. Use wood screws to catch thread into the ceiling joist. 

  • Attach a hardwood board to the ceiling
  • 2 x 6 hardboard acts as a base for the mount. Hardboard should be long enough to support the screws and span all the ceiling joists. Make sure that the board is connected to the ceiling at each beam. In the case of the crossbeam, center the wood along the crossbeam because you will hang the bag at this place.

  • Attach the mount to the hardwood board 
  • It has been seen that most mounts already contain a hardwood board that is needed to attach the mount to the ceiling. For mount attachment, you need a screwdriver, drill machine, and other tools. Legs of the mount must be attached to the middle of the ceiling joist. Never install the mount to the drywall. Stick to the heavy bag chain as it reduces the vibration and saves your drywall. 

    Method 3: Hang a Heavy Bag Using Wall Mount

    You can also hang a heavy bag to a L-shaped mount:

    If you don’t want to take the risk of mounting a heavy bag to the ceiling only, you can attach it to both the wall and ceiling.

    You can purchase wall mounts from a store, and it includes all the hardware needed to attach it to the wall. However, this method is only recommended for masonry walls. Otherwise, you may cause significant damage to your house.

    The wall mount bracket is screwed into the wall near the ceiling. 

    So, you can mount a heavy bag with a ceiling in these different ways. 

    Remember, it is an excellent workout, and during this, almost all your muscles work and help in building muscle and stripping fat. Moreover, it improves hand-eye coordination. It can act as a stress reliever. You can pound out your frustration on these heavy bags. 

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