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Chinese martial arts can be mysterious for both Chinese and foreigners. If you are curious about Shaolin Kung Fu training and want to learn this martial art, then there will be lots of questions in your mind.

We will share about Kung Fu training, from the many results we found for Kung 


Shaolin Kung Fu training for kids

Shaolin Kung Fu training for kids

Students under the age of 16 can also get Shaolin training if they are accompanied by parents or any family member. Your kid will also get quality training. Every master in the school is supposed to train 7 students in winter and 15 students in summer.

This will not only ensure high-quality training but also maintain a close family atmosphere within the group. All male and female students can get this training preferably 16 years or more. It depends on the student which style he or she wants to choose. You can even choose more than one style at a time. 

Shaolin Kung Fu training for kids

Shaolin Kung Fu training for beginners

This training can help you in lots of ways. For endurance and flexibility, stretching of legs will be done in a different manner. To increase your force and strength you will be needed to do a group of jumps such as Cossack jumps, step-ups, duck walks, sprints, frog jumps, one-legged jumps, and toe jumps.

Shaolin Kung Fu training for beginners

Monks will help to open the hips at the same time when you are stretching your legs. This tactic can be great for bag work and fighting kicks. There will be lots of running on a regular basis this will help to increase your stamina. 

Shaolin Kung Fu training for beginners

You will be dealing with stances in each style of Shaolin Kung Fu training. In order to develop patience, endurance, and thigh strength horse stance will be used. For learning advanced and intermediate moves you will be provided with stance or Zhan Zhuang training. Stand your feet at a distance apart, bend your elbows to your sides, and fist your hands in front of you. Sink down into such a position so that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Stay in this position for maximum time as possible as you can. Stay for at least 2 to 5 minutes. 

Shaolin Kung Fu techniques for beginners

Training of beginners includes basic movements such as punches, kicks, stretching methods, and stance. Training for beginners also includes learning of some basic styles and forms. The main purpose of this course is to make you perfect with your simple movements, forms, and techniques.

Shaolin Kung Fu training for beginners

The purpose of advanced training is to correct and improve basic movements. Advance training involves key techniques such as 

  • Spinning
  • Turning
  • Jumping movements
  • Stances
  • Kicks

This training course provides opportunities for students to learn the new compulsory form from senior and master trainers. 

Are you familiar with training shoes used for Kung Fu? If not, doesn’t worry we will tell you the best shoes that guys wear during King Fu training. For Kung Fu training you can buy shoes from the “Feiyue” brand. It is the perfect choice for boys. When you try it by yourself you will feel how much comfortable the shoes are. 

Basic Kung Fu training guide for beginners

Kung Fu training guide for beginners

There are various Kung Fu styles in China but one thing is for sure all the styles have the same roots from Shaolin Kung Fu. All the styles of Kung Fu relate to the culture of China. Training of Chinese Kung Fu can be good for self-defense, person’s health, and it will pay natural attention to the mind and body. Skills, forms, and techniques can help you to reach the true meaning of training. 


  • How to choose Kung Fu lessons and forms?

    When you have started learning Kung Fu doesn’t worry about the style. First of all, do the basics right and get your body in good condition this will help you to learn the Kung Fu Chinese culture. Look for the history and features of the Kung Fu forms and then decide which training style you want to choose. 

    Learning the modern Kung Fu can help to improve the physical capabilities of a person such as flexibility, agility, and speed. This training can be handy in building internal spirits. The first lesson of Kung Fu training can be beneficial for body exploration, improving discipline and energy, and self-expression. 


  • Kung Fu forms for beginners

    There are various forms of Kung Fu training such as Tai Chi, Bagua, Mantis, and Wing Chun. These forms are similar to those in Shaolin. Shaolin Kung Fu training forms include all kinds of weapon and fist forms. If you have already got the training of Kung Fu and you are an expert then you can learn more complex moves, skills, and internal ones with high morality. The basic training form for beginners focuses on training the physical stamina of the body and learning of the basic principle moves so that a person can perform in the right way throughout his training. So when you are starting a new training session’s one thing that should be in your mind you can’t achieve anything without practice and practice makes a man perfect. 

    Tips for the beginners

    Guys who are totally new and want to start training from zero and don’t know anything about these Chinese martial arts can learn the basics of Shaolin, one weapon routine, two short Shaolin  Quan forms, traditional Chi Kung, and the routine lessons of Tai Chi Chuan to start with. After getting basic training you can move to intermediate or advanced Kung Fu training. You can optionally learn 

    • Xingyi
    • Preying Mantis
    • Qi Kung
    • Bagua
    • BaJi

    You will have the option to change your class if any stage you will feel that this is not the training you want to master in. Decide about training style and get extensive training of that style to be a perfect martial artist. 


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