What Animal Could You Beat In A Fight? (With Videos of Fights)

YouGov surveyed what animals 1,224 Americans and 2,082 Great Britians (3,306 people) think they could win unarmed.

What animal could you win in a fight? The weakest animal you could beat in a fight is a rat or cat (around 70%) while the strongest animal you could beat is a grizzly bear, lion, elephant, or gorilla (around 3%). The other animals include goose, dog, eagle, chimpanzee, cobra, kangaroo, wolf, and crocodile.

The interesting fact is there is no animal in the animal kingdom that no one could not win, including wild animals.

Unarmed combat is very disadvantaged and any martial artist would advise you to run instead of fight when faced with an armed opponent. A bear or lion with its claw and sharp teeth designed to tear your body apart would be categorized as an armed adversary.

Videos of Animal Fights

We will provide videos of people in animal combat (Rat, Cat, lion, kangaroo, goose, and crocodile). Many videos are age-restricted so we only posted the link for you to view in YouTube.

Could you win a Rat?

To start, this is a woman armed with a broom fighting against a rat. There was no winner in the end as the rat evaded the attacks easily while running around in the area. The video garnered 3 million views and noted that vulgarities were used in the video.

Could you fight a cat?

We were unable to find a direct fight between a person and a cat but you could see how agile and nimble cats are in attacking their owners. Foolhardy people were thinking they are stronger than the cat until they get surprised and attacked by their cats.


Could a human beat a lion in a fight?

Lions are powerful and known as the king of the jungle. However, they are commonly tamed in zoos due to their acceptance of free food. Some random people tried fighting a lion in a cage with a weapon and shield. He didn't win and would probably lose if the lion wanted to fight it with its canine teeth.

A man reported killing a young mountain lion in the news. It was also reported that mountain lions resulted in 20 deaths of humans. He claimed to win the fight by choking the mountain lion with many stitches to his nose.

Could a human beat a kangaroo in a fight?

A compilation of human fights with kangaroos ended up badly for some humans. While many punches landed on the kangaroo, the kangaroo had a very powerful and fast double kick while holding the human neck. While the double kick was not lethal, it was great to knockback any human. A longer fight might favor a strong human since the defenses of a kangaroo seem weak and the kangaroo attack is not lethal enough compared to wild animals like elephants or lions. 

Could a human beat a crocodile in a fight?

The crocodile also seems tamed and crocodile farms can be found in many countries. However, it can be seen in the various videos many people are needed to even prevent a crocodile from swallowing a person with its strong jaws. The advantage of the crocodile is to camouflage in the rivers, waiting for an unknowing prey to fall into its gigantic jaws and unable to escape.


Can a human beat up a horse

A human can beat up a horse until the horse outruns the human. Many horses have a temper that will kick the rider off or kick someone they disliked. There is probably not even a fight to watch and begin with since horses are either galloping freely or allowing a rider to sit on them.


Can a human beat a goose in a fight

To our surprise, humans had random fights with goose and ended up with 1 draw and 1 loss to human. A hostile goose came up confidently and with its flying ability to gain an advantage to catch humans off-guard. Other than that, a human should handle an angry goose easily if he doesn't run 


An unarmed fist fight is probably a bad idea against any animal since it will be an uneven fight against wild animals' teeth and claws. Fearsome animals were a threat to humans until humans developed hunting tools. Even with hunting tools, animals could run away from humans easily resulting in a stalemate. 

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