Which Is Better Yoga Or Tai Chi?

Both yoga and tai chi workouts are different from traditional exercises.

Yoga and tai chi focus on precise movements, allowing the body to show the transition from one position to another. 

These practices aim to coordinate bones, muscles, heart, and mind with the positive energy surrounding the body.

So is yoga or tai chi is better?  Yoga is more enjoyable if your body is strong and flexible enough to try different positions. Tai Chi is dynamic and less taxing on your body. Both are enjoyable if you meet the right people. 

Both these practices have lots of similarities as well. The goals of both these practices are common, but when we compare the benefits of both these practices, we have found some differences. In this article, we will share these differences with you to tell which is better. 

Identify the Styles

Body positions and movements used in these practices appear to be similar, but these two practices vary drastically. In a tai chi session, the focus is on relaxed movements.

Tai Chi postures are continually evolving, and there are no pauses.

On the other hand, in a yoga session, the focus is on stillness. Each position is held for a few seconds depending on the style you practice. Moreover, it fills the body with positive energy between movements. Both have one thing in common that they use controlled breathing and meditation to enhance the practice. 

The Benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi

Tai chi and yoga both are effective and best treatments for relieving pain associated with specific medical conditions. For example, tai chi can improve symptoms of high blood pressure, arthritis, and Parkinson’s disease. On the other hand, yoga can lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, and relieve physical pain across the body. Moreover, yoga alleviates the symptoms of depression. When both these practices are performed regularly, they can improve the life quality of patients suffering from heart and cancer disease. 

  • Calm Your Nerves
  • You can’t compare the stress-relieving benefits of yoga and tai chi because both these practices use a mind-body approach to calm the entire being instead of just the physical body. Try both these methods to determine which method is more beneficial in providing relief from stress and anxiety. Both these methods are useful, but it depends on which method suits you best. 

    Some people enjoy constant postures of tai chi, and yoga postures made them nervous, so in such cases, tai chi can relieve stress more effectively. On the other hand, some people enjoy and feel good when yoga postures and stillness speak to their minds. You can use either both or any one of these according to the style that suits you. 

  • Improve Your Balance
  • Since tai chi is all about constant movements and your balance can be improved when you move from one mode to another seamlessly. Tai chi improves the balance and removes the fear of falling. Yoga focuses on standing still, so it is better for improving balance. 

    When you practice yoga regularly, it teaches you to distribute weight evenly across your feet; and improve stability drastically. Mountain pose teaches you to achieve maximum balance by spreading your toes. 

    Which One is Better Tai Chi or Yoga?

    Both of these practices are like fitness cousins. Tai chi is a mind-body practice, and it originated in China as a martial art. The person doing tai chi moves their body slowly and in a dance-like flow. In tai chi, people breathe deeply. People who practice tai chi believe that it helps to flow positive energy throughout the body. The main components of tai chi are:

    • Movement
    • Deep breathing
    • Meditation

    Tai chi can be used for health purposes, such as:

    • It helps the digestive system to work better.
    • It Increases awareness and calmness. 
    • Tai chi enhances the exchange of gases in the lungs. 
    • Improves balance.
    • Massage the internal organs. 

    Moreover, it helps ease pain and stiffness. People who practice tai chi enjoy better sleep and feel healthier. It also improves muscle strength and coordination. Tai chi is a perfect exercise for all ages, but it’s a low-impact exercise that benefits the elderly. Elderly who practice this method had better connectivity of brain and decision making. 

    On the other hand, yoga means “yoke together or to join.” It is also a mind-body approach and brings the mind and body together. Yoga was developed 5000 years ago in India, and it is considered to be a lifestyle than exercise. The main components of yoga are:

    • Exercise
    • Meditation
    • Breathing

    The main benefits of yoga are given below:

    • It reduces chronic pain, such as back pain and arthritis.
    • It helps in weight reduction.
    • Increase flexibility and reduce insomnia.
    • Lower blood pressure and heart rate. 
    • Improve muscle tone and strength.
    • Improve cardio health and respiration.

    It can be said that in terms of benefits and components, both these practices are identical. The main difference between the two is execution. Yoga involves postures and poses, and tai chi is a dance-like martial art. Both are low impact level exercises and can make your body and mind feel healthier. 

    Similarities and Differences between Yoga and Tai Chi


    • The more relaxed you are, the better will be your practice.
    • Alignment is critical, and a good teacher can teach you when you start your studies. If your alignment is off, you can damage your knees and joints. 
    • You can improve tai chi through yoga. 
    • They make you extremely flexible and healthy. 
    • Both these practices look easy until you don’t practice the advance workout. 


    • Yoga is more about chanting, meditation, and conscious spirituality. Tai chi is more about be aware of your opponent and keep healthy and defends yourself. 
    • Tai chi develops a lot more leg strength, while yoga develops balance throughout the limbs. 
    • Tai chi applies core strength dynamically, and yoga focuses on core strength and flexibility. 

    So, it is not easy to tell which one is better, but both have some similarities and lots of health benefits. So, practice any of these or both and enjoy lots of health benefits.  

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