History of Judo from 1882

Judo is the most popular form of Japanese martial art. The roots of judo’s martial art came from the oldest form of jiu-jitsu, self-defense, and unarmed grappling technique. The early evidence of martial art was raised in the 17th century in Japan. Later on, instantly, it was emerging out in the middle of the 19th century. Another one, Jiu-jitsu was one of the early and ancient forms of art. It was originated in the era of Buddhism. Buddhists were the actual ancestors of this martial art.

History Of Judo

The weapon was only practiced by traditional warriors in Japan. They had expertise in many weapons and unarmed grappling as well. After several centuries, samurais have modernized martial art into different forms. One of the popular forms is Judo. The word Judo belongs to the Japanese language.

Judo means an art of tenderness and a self-defense method. This is the unique and tricky skill of fighting where one can defeat one’s strong and powerful enemy easily. Moreover, the Japanese national security law doesn’t allow disclosing the secrets of Judo or jiu-jitsu art.

Founder of the Judo Art

In 1882, Judo was officially introduced in Japan. It was an amazing combo of jiu-jitsu, a form of gentleness and a trained mind-set. At the end of the age of samurai rule, the peak of the martial arts was declining day by day. Japanese showed less interest in self-defense methods. So the future of the jiu-jitsu or Judo was about to die. But a young man came with full energy and rescued its life by giving a new chance. The name of this gentleman was Jigoro Kano.

Jigoro Kano

Founder Judo

Kano was a common man. He got a doctorate degree in Judo Martial Art. So, he had worked endlessly for the development of Japanese sports across the world. He is called a Judo Master. Certainly, this man had the courage to introduce Judo art at the school level and outside the world. He gave rebirth to the Judo martial art. Despite the inferiority complex and weak physique, he didn’t lose hope. He had aimed high and created a new judo martial art school, where he taught a modern style of Judo art. Therefore, Jigoro Kano didn’t limit his journey to Japan. He went to outside Japan and introduced the world about this powerful pack of martial art. In the beginning, he humiliated by the majority of the people. But he continued his struggle till the last breath.

Three main tricks

Specifically, Jigoro Kano, the judo master had focused on three main areas which are the crux of martial art. Such as;

  • Nage-Waza
  • Katame-Waza
  • Atemi-Waza

Nage-Waza is throwing technique, Katame-Waza is the grappling, the groundwork and Atemi-Waza is a striking technique. These three are the basic techniques of Judo martial art. Judo trainers teach these techniques to their trainees at the initial stage.


Judo in Europe

Kano went to Europe in 1889 to promote judo art. People made fun of his art but he showed his judo stunt in the crowd and left people to astonish by not hurting the opponent. This is how Jigoro Kano had introduced the self-defense technique beautifully in front of the world. After a tireless struggle, he had secured its position in the international Olympic sports committee in 1909.

Olympics 1908

Judo in the US

Judo master Kano fled to the US to promote Judo art. He went to different colleges or universities and delivered extraordinary lectures on judo in California. Judo Association was established as a Kodokan. Later on, it was known as American Judo.  


The Aftereffects of World War II

At the end of World War II, American judo took its place in military pieces of training. Later on, the Armed Force Judo Association (AFJA) was formed. Furthermore, in 1950’s American judo advanced teachings became an official part of the US Air Force as AAU sports.

American judo advanced teachings

Teach Judo to Children

In the beginning, people thought that judo art is not safe for children because they are less strong physically and mentally. After scientific research, professional trainers have confirmed that martial art is good for children's minds and bodies. It is a healthy activity. It strengthens both body and soul. Nowadays, many schools and clubs are offering junior membership for the kids. Trainers give awareness to their trainees about the benefits of this art.

Judo Children

Tokyo Olympic

In 1964, it was an immense pleasure for the Kano that men’s judo art officially introduced as an Olympic event. So this was the proud moment for Jigoro the gold and silver medals were awarded to the non-Japanese contestants as well. This sign was the biggest victory for the judo master. His journey didn't end here. Moreover, a few years later, he had introduced women’s judo art at the Seoul Olympic event in 1988. 

Tokyo Olympic

Seoul Judo

International Judo Federation

Today more than 180 countries are practicing judo art nationally and internationally. So, they are legal members of the International Judo Federation. Judo martial art is highly popular across the world, especially in Europe and the US. Therefore, the Japanese people are continuing to promote and giving the training of judo in different regions and countries where judo is unknown to them. 

International Judo Federation

Judo at present

Nowadays, everyone knows about judo art. People are admiring and appreciating this kind of martial art because there are several benefits to learning it. It is the best form of exercise, self-discipline, sport, coordination, mental health, mental relaxation, and self-confidence. It balances the mind and body on the same track. One can learn judo for one’s self-defense. So, this is the best and safest self-protection technique. So, he is among the best Judo trainer in the world was Jigoro Kano. He had dreamt to spread the teaching of martial art worldwide. So that he did it wisely. Therefore, people will keep him remember whenever they talk about Martial art. He contributes a lot to the development of athletics and Japanese sports. Jigoro Kano is known by the name of the judo master around the world.

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