Kickboxing for Beginners

Kickboxing will not only help you in a kickass cardio workout, but it will also help to increase confidence, strength, and coordination. It offers lots of flexibility that makes this sport more popular.

Most beginner classes of kickboxing will focus on everything such as cardio conditioning, martial arts, self-defense, and one-on-one competition. It is most important to decide which kind of class you want to attend.

kickboxing Beginner

It is the first thing that you will do. Kickboxing is a blend of karate and boxing and both these martial arts allow strike only with hand and feet. You can also attack the legs, groin, and back of an opponent. 

Kickboxing guide for beginners

Once you feel that you are ready to take the challenge then follow the below-given tips. 

  • Set your personal goals
  • Before the start of any new exercise, it is the most important step to set your own goals, aptitudes, and dreams. You are interested in whether to improve overall conditioning or cardiovascular health? Whether you want to learn real-life fighting techniques, or you are just interested in a non-combat class? So the choice is yours what you want to learn. If you are interested in a non-combat session, then you can have a one-on-one training session with your instructor. 

    Kickboxing for Beginner

  • Find the right class and instructor
  • Before signing up any class it is better to read yelp reviews and talk to different instructors. It will help you to assess the qualification of the instructor and the lessons you will be taught during training. Mostly the trainers are certified by any organization or they are former professional fighters. 


  • Be honest and be wise about what you can easily handle
  • If you are not sure about your fitness level and you have concerns over your fitness it is better to consult your doctor before starting any new game. Never join a new game if you are suffering from obesity, asthma, and diabetes. Kickboxing can be challenging for your body if your body is not used to harder exercises. It can be more intense than normal exercises. 

    Kickboxing Class for Beginner

  • Purchase essential things
  • When you are selecting a gym, be smart and find out what are the much-needed things that you have to purchase for kickboxing gear. Some classes may demand their students to purchase boxing gloves, ankle supports, and headgear. Clothing will also come into play so avoid either too tight or too loose clothes. Just bring a towel and bottle of water for your training class. 

    kickboxing equipment

  • Eating schedule
  • It is must to be fuel-up before your evening class. You need plenty of carbohydrates. It is better to take food that digests slowly such as brown rice, beans, fast-absorbing carbs, and sweet potato at lunchtime, take juice or fruits at least an hour or 30 minutes before the workout. Carbohydrates are rich sources of energy and when you take before work out it will help to maintain energy levels and oxygen in the blood. It is important to be completely hydrated before any workout. 

  • It is better to start on a peaceful note
  • You might have noticed that martial artists tend to spend lots of time sitting cross-legged in monasteries. Meditation can help you to improve reaction time and focus. Meditation also helps to get relief from stress. Martial arts and mindfulness are both complimentary. Focus and presence of mind is an integral part of kickboxing. 

    How to prepare yourself for your first kickboxing class?

    If you have made a mind, find a gym, so now you should be familiar with what to bring in your first kickboxing class? 

  • Lots of water
  • During kickboxing workouts, your entire body will be engaged. Lots of energy will be wasted. So it is a good idea to have water with you that you can use after your workout. 

  • Hand wraps
  • Hand wraps are not just showpieces. When you are continuously throwing punching they will offer you support and protection. You can easily find hand wraps either from a big sporting equipment store or an online store. These hand wraps come in a variety of cute colors. Some gyms offer wraps that you can borrow, but those wraps will be smelly and sweaty. Those hand wraps will be more hygienic so it is good to have your own. 

  • Gloves
  • All the conditions of hand wraps apply on the gloves as well. So it is better to have your own gloves. You can use the gloves that are available at the gym for your first few classes but once you have caught the kickboxing bug it is better to buy your own pair. 

  • Bring hair ties
  • In kickboxing, you can never afford hair on your face. It is not easy to remove hair from face when you have gloves on. When you have hair on your eyes you cannot even hit the target. So bring hair ties with you and properly tie your hair before wearing gloves. 

  • Selection of clothes
  • For kickboxing or any other sport, loose clothes are never recommended. Keep your clothes tight it will help to maximize your freedom of movement. Tight clothes will also minimize the chance of getting stuck in your own clothes. 

  • A good attitude is required
  • The most important thing that is required is entering your kickboxing class with confidence. Leave your fear and insecurities at the door. Don’t let your nerves to have control over you. The best thing you can do is

    • Think strong
    • Feel strong
    • Act strong

    Each time when you enter a class your motive should be learning. Come to class with an attitude of changing yourself. When you will have such an attitude there is no chance of failure. When you are feeling motivated, you must learn the basic 6 counts of kickboxing before your first class. 

    The sequence of 6 elemental punches should be like that:

    1. The Jab
    2. The straight right hand
    3. The left hook
    4. The right hook
    5. The left uppercut
    6. The right uppercut

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